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Hazard and risk assessment

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Hazard and risk assessment

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment or HIRA or Risk Management is a very important part of any proactive Occupational Health & Safety management System, though comparatively few businesses have been able to efficiently weave it into their daily processes. Hazard identification and risk assessment of significance is the trick to the whole system since it's the consequences of significant risks that needs to be handled. All risks must be identified to be able to determine if they're significant. Significance is determined through the assessment process and this then requires that appropriate controls are put in place to reduce this threat exposure to an acceptable degree. The kinds of risk exposures to be considered include those who could cause death, ill health, injury or other loss to individual.

The aim of carrying out a risk assessment is to ascertain if any identified individuals or environmental values are very likely to be adversely influenced by soil water, or air pollution. This will enable land managers to make decisions about handling contaminant risks on websites of concern.

This Hazard Identification and Risk Management Coaching class is designed for frontline engineers and middle management


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