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Flagman Safety Training Course in Dubai, UAE

A flagman is somebody who suggests using a flag. They make use of flags of different colors; but mostly two colors are more popular, i.e, Red -- For Cease and Green -- For Go.

Flagmen play a valuable role in warning motorists of construction dangers and in controlling traffic flow. This training course will equip flag individuals to carry out their duties professionally and safely.

He is a personality which we can't do without, especially in the road building work. They've a vast range of duties.

Flagman coaching

Some organizations who do not understand the important of a flagman training do the duty of a flag person to anyone without training. We've seen a scenario in which the position of a flagman is given out as a community slot. Anyone brought in by the community representative is instantly given a flag to begin work with no form of induction training.

This can be an invitation to threat. A flagman who do not understand his job expectancy and the threat he is involved cannot comprehend the danger others he is supposed to protect are exposed to; consequently he can't perform the job.

That is the reason why it's very important to ensure that our flagmen are properly trained. Flagman training is indeed invaluable.

Flagman/Spotter Training Course outline:


This course is intended for both Operators, Flagman or who are accountable for Health and Safety of employees.

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