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Chemical safety and handling training

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Hazardous Chemical Handling Training Course in Dubai, UAE

Chemical spills and accidents can happen, on a small or large scale, anywhere that toxic materials are located - from industrial sites and complexes to military bases, oil heaters, tanker trucks, shipping boats, air transport hubs, trailway transportation and medical care facilities.

Incidents can also occur in a domestic environment (because the consequence of a carbon monoxide leak or chemical suicide) or in a public environment, such as in the case of an acid attack.

The ability to respond efficiently to the accidental or deliberate release of any toxic material relies on the wisdom and expertise of highly skilled HazMat teams. This responsibility can fall to first responders (for example, fire fighters, paramedics), law enforcement agencies or military employees.

A continuing challenge for anybody charged with HazMat instruction is to provide realistic, engaging and safe training scenarios that accurately reflect the essence of modern-day HazMat risks.

The Chemical safety and handling training introduce safe use of chemicals at offices, existing classification systems for the labelling and transport of dangerous products, permit the reading and use of chemical safety cards, provide a basic summary of toxicology and disseminate data on selected, widely utilized, hazardous substances.


Course Objectives:

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