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Accident incident investigation

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Accident Incident Investigation Training in Dubai, UAE


Incident: A scenario with the potential to cause considerable injury to a person. Normally, the outcome results in first aid treatment.

Accident: A scenario that results in medical care (treatment beyond first aid) or lost time (missed work).

In almost any company or organization things don't always go to plan. You have to prepare to take care of unexpected events so as to lower their consequences. Workers and managers will probably be more competent in addressing the effects of a collision or emergency in case you've got effective plans in place which are regularly tested.

You should monitor and review any measures you have put in place to help manage risk and prevent accidents and incidents from occurring. Findings from your investigations could form the basis of actions to prevent the accident or incident from happening again and to boost your overall risk management. This may also point to areas of your hazard assessments which need to be reviewed.

An effective evaluation requires a methodical, structured approach to data gathering, collation and evaluation.


This course is designed to offer the knowledge and techniques required to perform successful incident and accident investigations. It covers incident and accident investigation, the process of gathering evidence, interviews and the compilation of reports and recommendations.


This course is designed for all levels of management, safety practitioners, safety committee members and individuals responsible for investigating incidents.

What You Will Learn:

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